With the successful implementation of the organ project headed by Lenore Biotech it became readily apparent that if the general public knew that biological organs were being created from living beings–sentient or not–the outcry would have terminated the project.

When General Richart began to militarize the program under Project Cottontail, he knew that the public would want to know a background story as to how the Vloxen came to be, and that the prospect of some civilians putting two and two together would eventually discern the organ project as well.

The result was a carefully organized campaign aimed to accomplish several goals:

  • Win the hearts and minds of civilians.
  • Establish the Vloxen not as monsters, but helpful, obedient protectors.
  • Reinforce the defense of the United States from internal and external threats.

Taking inspiration from the 40s era of propaganda with cartoons, Victor the Vloxen was created and slowly introduced to the public as an attempt to gain a positive foothold on the idea of a beastly-like “animal” that was entrusted to keep the peace. The idea being, “If your kid loves 'em, you will too.”

The ultimate goal of the project was to introduce the character and the concept early so as to avoid a negative reaction when the Vloxen program was finally ready to be deployed. Upon their deployment, Victor would go on to be the mascot for the Vloxen program as a whole.

Use in the Vloxen Program

The likeness of Victor was adopted by the Vloxen program for use in their holographic training simulator. Hologram Victor serves as a friendly guide that the Vloxen can mimic, and is used to encourage certain behaviors and demonstrate how to use unfamiliar objects.