The Chio Village is the primary location for the Chio society during the events of Messenger. It is made up of makeshift dwellings like tents and lean-tos, and is thus very easy for its residents to move when necessary. The Chio Village does not have a permanent fixed position, but may change location depending on factors like environmental issues, threats, or cultural reasons.


The village is generally located in the region that was once the eastern part of Lake Erie, but its exact position varies depending on the needs of the villagers.

Moving the Village

The village is designed to be portable, and the Chios transit between multiple sites. The dwellings in the village consist of structures that are easily taken down and set up, primarily using tents. Several scouts go ahead to find a new village site, and the other villagers communally pack and transport the village to its new location. The Chios may move for any number of reasons, including factors like environmental issues, threats, or cultural reasons.

Dwellings and Other Structures

The village utilizes a variety of simple dwellings including tents, makeshift huts, and lean-tos. The materials for these structures are scavenged from abandoned human communities. The types of dwellings used are intended to be easily dismantled and carried. Many structures can be disassembled and carried by a single Chio, while other larger structures may require a team.

Most dwellings in the village are intended for small family units and are sized accordingly. Some structures are used for community gatherings and can fit larger groups inside, offering more privacy for meetings and discussions.

Due to the environmental conditions, the Chios’ tents are usually very open and breezy. Rain is infrequent, so dwellings are optimized for hot conditions.